Buying works by Joop Smits

It is the will of Joop Smits and his heirs, that his works find their place in your home, office, gallery or museum.

You can buy any of the works that you find. Each will be sold individually, except for the twelve Zodiac paintings. They belong together and should be aquired in one order.

We, the heirs, are happy to reveil you the price of each work, once you’ve shown your interest.

We do this for the love of art, the love for Ireland and Mallorca and the love for Joop.


Click your way through the paintings and drawings via the topics or used techniques. Click the image for an enlarged view of the selected work.

Show interest

Once you found a work, click the button and it will be added to your wish list. Add as many works as you want. You find them on the right side of the page.


Once you’ve entered your personal information, you are requested to create a personal account and to submit your interest.


As soon as possible, you will receive the price of the selected works and instructions about payment and shipping of the work(s).